Sub/Amp Installs

Each Vehicle has a specific air space, and certain design to make a subwoofer to provide the amount of bass that the person desires.

Celica GT Subwoofer Installation

This installation was in the back of a Celica GT. The two subwoofers are Audiobahn Ultra Excursion Woofers. They each have 1.25 Cubic Feet of air space in the RL Logics Box. On the top of the box is a digital Capactior with a LED read out from Rockford Fosgate. There is a power distribution block using ANL Fuses and a Digital readout for how much power is reaching that power source mounted on the left corner. On the other corner there is a ground distribution block. In the back of the box, a rockford fosgate 800x2 is mounted. The subwoofers are wired in at a 4 ohm load. At Central PA's Cool Cruise, they hit a 140.1 dB.

Talon/Eclipse Installation

This installation was in the back of a Talon/Eclipse GS-T. The vehicle had a space constraint. Also It had to be flexible. As you can see in the picture, he has two boxes that are each a 1.5 cubic feet for each Infinity Reference Sub woofers. He is using an audiobahn Amplifier mounted on the floor in front of the Nitrous Oxide tank. The reason for the simple removal of the subwoofers instead of fiberglassed form fitting pods in the rears is because he goes to the drag strip with his vehicle. He needs to be able to remove these items simply to gain a weight advantage.

Nissan Sentra Installation

This setup was installed in the back of a Sentra. The installation required the building a shape conformed subwoofer box to fit perfectly in that nitch. The box was fiberglassed to accomodate that 8 inch subwoofer. The subwoofer is an audiobahn ultraexcursion subwoofer. The amplifier that is powering the subwoofer is an Power Acoustik SPL 4 channel 800 watt amplifier.

Ford Bronco Installation

This installation was into a Ford Bronco. The installation is in progress. There is over 5000 watts running through the back of the vehicle. This setup was for a stereo competition. Using rockford fosgate Power distribution blocks a 4 gauge wire and ground wire was setup from the hood back to the trunk. A 800x2 Boss amp is powering the audiobahn 6x9 components. Two Boss IQ 2160 Watt amps power each Subwoofer. The two subwoofers are Power Acoustik Mofo 15's. With one Subwoofer, the SPL reached was 139.9dB at Central Pa's Cool Cruise. The air space for the subwoofers are not correct, they are running in a 2.2 cubic box while they should be in a 4 cubic foot box.